piątek, 5 kwietnia 2013

Leggings are cool?

 What do you think about Leggings??

I'm interested in your opinion of both women and men about what you think of this invention as leggings, and more specifically to wear them without something covering a girl's ass and intimate surroundings because as you know in leggings rather all that is exposed and clearly visible almost as in tights.Whether or not you girls are wearing and what do you think, and asked the guys if your a girl wear and what you do you think? The question of whether to wear leggings, so it is not too good and not too bold, and if you can not compare it to wear a lot of short skirts and / or a lot for a high neckline ...? etc.
Brunette in sexy white leggigns!

She is very beautiful. Her legs in leggings they look sexy.  
What do you think about her? 
Hot or not? 

czwartek, 21 lutego 2013

Sweet ass in leggings great Babe

Sweet ass in leggings great Babe!

Her divine ass is very sexy in those leggings.
Ass is neat and tempting/
What do you think about this ass in legg

wtorek, 19 lutego 2013

About the girls in leggings!

Hello guys!

Tonight I'm going to talk about... LEGGINGS! Again :) So, let's start!

Leggings are very exciting, that's for sure.
Leggings shows the goods of women, that's why they look so sexy when they wear them!
Their asses... Oh my dear! Their asses look so good with leggings! I don't have any questions! Tight leggings  and round ass... Great!

There are various types of leggings of course! Latex, lycra, leopard, cotton, spandex... Oh man, there are so many of them!

And more importantly- you are going to see them all on my blog!

So stay tuned and come back here!

poniedziałek, 18 lutego 2013

Hot brunette in Latex Leggings

Hot brunette in Latex Leggings NEW 2013! 

This girl for sure likes to wear tight latex leggings. This movie is highly exciting. Her ass and legs in slippery leggings look great.
I invite all fans leggings to watch cool video

niedziela, 17 lutego 2013

Sweet blonde on the bed!

Sweet blonde on the bed! 

Sweet blonde who wears leggings... Very exciting! She does it for you in this video! This girl shows that leggings looks great on her body!

sobota, 16 lutego 2013

Leggings with cut on side

Leggings with cut on side!

Brunette shows her goods in front of the car. Grey leggings, nice pair!
As you can see, the girls is wearing some really nice thong!

Do you like the view?